At King Laundry, we elevate your laundry experience to a new level with our state-of-the-art machines. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our washers and dryers ensure efficient cleaning and impeccable results for all your garments.

Your premium destination for clothing care in the heart of Los Angeles!


Effortless Wash & Dry

Simplify your laundry with our easy-to-use, efficient washing and drying facilities.


Premium Care Machines

Experience top-notch laundry care with our high-quality machines preserving your clothes.


Hassle-Free Pickup & Delivery

Enjoy convenience with our wash and fold service—pickup and delivery tailored for you.

Earn coupons and discounts weekly in our app

Unlock a world of savings and convenience by downloading our King Laundry app. Seamlessly manage your laundry needs and enjoy exclusive benefits, including enticing discounts, free credits, and complimentary wash or dry services.

With just a tap on your device, you not only streamline the laundry process but also earn rewarding perks that make each visit to King Laundry a delightful experience.

Join our app community and elevate your laundry routine with unparalleled discounts and complimentary services tailored just for you.

The best choice of laundromats to your pockets!

Full control of your wash in the palm of your hand

Download from the App Store or Play Store on any device

You can easily download the King Laundry app from the App Store or Google Play on any device.

Create an account within a few seconds

Open a secure account for yourself with your name and necessary information that need.

Fund your account and start any machine you like

With a funding on your app you are ready to run any machine and service as easy as one tap. 



Fastest, easiest, and affordable way to clean your clothes

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Is it safe to use King Laundry's App?

Yes, we use the most secure methods to fund your account and we take pride in the reliability in our systems.

How much does a wash costs?

A single wash can start at $2 with a dry service for only $1. (Prices might change due to wheight and ammount of clothes)

How can I pay for my service?

We have multiple paying methods. You can pay directly with your card at our machines, we also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, and of course, you can fund your credits directly to your app (fastest and recommended) and start directly to wash. 

The Only Laundromat with

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Download & start earning points and discounts

Use our app and earn coupons and discounts weekly, you can have free services and discounts up to 30% off