Wash Smarter,

Among our services, King Laundry Features a broad system that allows you enjoy every aspect of your wash!

24 / 7

Busy durning the day? We have you covered, come by anytime. We are open 24/7


Use your EBT benefits to instantaneously transfer government funds to pay for your wash

MoneyBack Guarantee!

If something went wrong during your visit, we fully return your money back.

Most Affordable Laundromat

King Laundry takes care of your pocket, so we offer the best rates in the market

Exclusive Chemical Injection system

Commercial grade chemicals Dispersed in exact proportion based on weight of clothes being washed. you don't need to purchase or carry multiple bottles of product to the laundry, just purchase it on touchpad display on machine.

Loyalty Rewards

Several plans of loyalty rewards, including exclusive Community memberships within your School, Church, etc.

No need for a phisical card

No risk of losing physical card

Access to machine availability

Avoid going to the store when machines are unavailable, Monitor cycle status, Notification of wash cycle completion.

Bigger Machines

Our spacious washers are designed to accommodate even your largest laundry needs.

Unlimited Hot Water

State of the art Intellihot brand tankless boilers supply reliable, unlimited 140 degree water

Outstanding wash quality

Our machines have the highest technology, so you can be sure your garments will have the best care


Ozone on demand to sanitize your clothes

Convenient Parking

Outstanding parking and easy access in and out of the store

Tap to Pay

Tap or hold your contactless card near the contactless symbol on the checkout terminal (Apple & Google Pay, Credit Cards & Debit Cards)

Download & start earning points and discounts

Use our app and earn coupons and discounts weekly, you can have free services and discounts up to 30% off

Awesome Washing,
Awesome Savings!

Xmoze is a simple software that allows you to run your business easily. One software tool brings the whole business together.

Starter Plan

$10/Per Month

  • Limited Access Library
  • Individual User Capabilities
  • No Updates Facility
Choose Plan

Basic Plan

$45/Per Month

  • Full Access Library
  • Limited User Capabilities
  • Free Lifetime Updates Facility
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Premium Plan

$25/Per Month

  • Full Access Library
  • Multiple User Capabilities
  • Free Lifetime Updates Facility
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