Our big secret. Premium Tech Washers

King Laundry features the first install in Los Angeles of the most technologically advanced washers and driers ever produced.


Maximum Speed

High speed water extraction at 450G which cuts both wash & dry times dramatically


Exactly what you Need

Fully customizable wash cycles

Unmatched technology

The Genius Series Washers revolutionize laundry experiences, catering to the needs of businesses and institutions seeking superior programmability, productivity, and efficiency. 

Experience unprecedented control over every aspect of the wash cycle, from rotation action to water temperature and chemical injection. This level of flexibility ensures tailored wash cycles to suit diverse laundry requirements.

A place of trust for thousands

With our King Laundry App, you can remotely program, monitor, and update the washers, streamlining operations and enhancing convenience. This connectivity also enables quick access to firmware updates, ensuring the washers stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.

Speed, speed, speed

Time efficiency is a cornerstone of the Genius Series, thanks to innovative technology such as extract speeds of up to 450 G-force. This not only accelerates wash and extract times but also reduces residual moisture in laundry, resulting in shorter drying cycles. As a result, you can process your laundry faster, while minimizing energy consumption, allowing you to take care of your day-to-day life. 

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Your trusted laundromat

At King Laundry we prioritize your garment care and longevity. The construction of our machines features a robust chassis and a durable rust-proof stainless steel cabinet that helps to extended your clothes life. The fail-safe door lock mechanism and wide door opening enhance user convenience while the Mountain Valley Drum Design prevents tangling, preserving garment integrity.

Whether it’s a self service, or a  pickup wash and fold laundry service, Our Washers offer a transformative laundry experience. With unparalleled control, time-saving features, and a commitment to garment care, these washers ensure superior wash and dry quality while prolonging the life of clothing, all supported by cutting-edge technology for seamless management and operation.

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